Global UXD is an interdisciplinary community that strives to enhance the value and deepen the impact of design thinking, creative exploration, and personal and professional improvement.

Starting in Berlin in 2014, our mission has been to support and develop the design community. Within 5 years, we have spread to 7 countries and 14 cities. Now, we are moving forward in engaging designers and non-designers alike in encouraging lateral thinking, creativity, and human-centered design as a driver for enriching the human experience and contributing towards global innovation.


Through learning and exploration, members are given the tools and resources to be better thinkers, creators, and innovators. We work with companies, organizations, and experts in creating events that align with the business’s mission and goals and provides a learning environment for our members.


Our mission with our programs is to give our members the opportunity to apply their critical thinking and creative skills in creating innovative solutions, give cause-driven organizations a voice, and give our partners the opportunity to align with a cause or problem space and engage with the community.


We want to give people the tools and resources to learn, explore, and create an impact. Our products help with productivity, creativity, and personal and interpersonal skills - all important in becoming a changemaker.